TYBSA is an aluminum gravity chill casting foundry parts, which was founded in 1947 and has since been adapting its industrial activity to the challenges posed by the market, while integrating today the wide range of services offered.

Nave fundición de piezas de aluminio TYBSA


TYBSA was founded at the end of the 1940s as an aluminum parts foundry and this is still our primary focus today. We supply parts to machinery manufacturers (OEMS), the automotive sector, the healthcare as well as the food and beverage (F&B) industries, furniture manufacturers (urban, office, outdoor, etc.), among others.

Our customers are the focus of all our activity and our vision is centred on the commitment to the date of delivery without affecting the quality of the final product. To achieve this, we believe in a close customer-supplier relationship as the modus operandi in our day-to-day business.

In order to guarantee the quality of our products, as well as their traceability, we have been UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 certified since 2014.



TYBSA is established as an aluminum parts sand-casting foundry part

The first location of the company was on the ground floor of the family home in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona).


Relocation of the factory to its current location in Sant Andreu de la Barca.

The initial workshop becomes too small. The new 1,500 m2 hall was built and green sandcast moulding and carousel moulding machines were installed, improving production and previous technology. The casting of chilled pieces begins.


Implementation of a computerised order management and cash control system (ERP).


Sand moulding is abandoned for good in order to focus our activity on chill casting pieces.

New logo. Change of corporate image


Setting up of the mechanical workshop

Design and fabrication of moulds, as well as mechanisation of those parts we cast to the precise tolerances required.


Enlargement of the facilities.

Given our rate of growth, it was decided to enlarge the facilities by 2,600 m2 with the construction of a two-storey building on the neighbouring plot: a lower floor of 1,300 m2 to reinforce the casting process with a better organisation and an upper floor of 1,300 m2 to consolidate the mechanical workshop.


Acquisition of a 1,500 kg heat treatment furnace

in order to integrate the heat treatment process (T4 - T6) and to have a better control of the production process.


Implementation of ISO 9001 quality management system


Creation of our 1st website. TYBSA is now also has web presence!


Integration of CNC lathes in our mechanical workshop.

According to the needs of the market, we feel obliged to take our mechanical workshop a step further by acquiring 3 CNC lathes with Y axis and hiring qualified personnel.


Acquisition of a shot blasting

machine in order to integrate processes that were previously outsourced.


Renewal of the optical spectrometer + degasser.

In order to have greater control over the alloys we work with and to be able to generate quality reports on the parts manufactured.


Implementation of a new integrated computerised production and inventory management system.


Metrological control. Acquisition of a three-dimensional Zeiss (1000x1200x600). Revamping of the technical office.

Given the complexity and requirements of the parts we are machining, the need for metrological control arose, and thus, we decided to redesign the technical office. A dimensional control laboratory was built, and the technical office was restructured and located next to the laboratory. Next to these two offices, a third one was built to centralise the production control.


New website!!

The old website is replaced and updated. With this update, we migrate from the domain that has accompanied us on the Internet until now (".net") to the new one (".es").



This building with its 1,500 m2 was the first to be built and is currently where the smelting process takes place. The heat treatment furnace is also installed here.

Vista de la nave 1 de la fundición de aluminio TYBSA


On this lower floor of the 2 factory halls built in 2004 stretches over 1,300m2 we undertake the finishing and deburring of the parts after they have been cast, as well as the shot blasting process if necessary. Here is also where the mould warehouse and stock of finished product ready to be shipped are located

Vista de la nave 2 de la fundición de aluminio TYBSA

Mechanical work shop

On the upper floor of the 2 factory halls built in 2004, which expands over another 1,300m2, the mechanical workshop, where we machine our own parts and manufacture / maintain the foundry moulds and machining tools is located. It also includes the technical office, the metrology laboratory, and the production control office.

Vista de la nave tres de la fundición de aluminio TYBSA


Our office area consists of 3 main spaces:

- Quality system management, treasury control, human resources.
- Meeting room with tele- and videoconferencing equipment.
- Management.

Vista de las oficinas de la fundición de aluminio TYBSA


Faustino Borque

Position: Management. Sales Manager

Felipe Toledo

Position: Management. Operations and Logistics manager

Jose María Toledo

Position: Management. Quality and After-sales manager

Roger Borque

Position: Management assistant. Sales and metrology.

Paqui Corpas

Position: Accounting & Finance

Rosa Mari Moreno

Position: Quality management, Suppliers and H

Gabriel Llorens

Position: Production control

Technical Office


Our trajectory and experience allows us to affirm we have the capacity to manufacture aluminium parts by gravity casting for any application and market sector. The following are the main sectors for which we currently work.

  • INDUSTRIAL AND AGRICULTURAL VEHICLES: Casting and machining of components for industrial and agricultural vehicles. We have the equipment to verify watertightness. 
  • MOTORBIKES:  We have experience in the casting and machining of motorcycle components, both in engine and chassis parts.
  • MACHINERY MANUFACTURERS (OEM): The acquisition of the mechanical workshop has helped us to consolidate our presence with the manufacturers of machinery for the industrial, hotel and sanitary sectors, etc.
  •  SHIPMENT: We supply parts to both the bus and railway sectors.
  • FOOD INDUSTRY (F&B): Our catalogue also includes articles for the food industry, both for machinery and production lines.
  • HEALTHCARE : We have experience in the manufacture of components for industry equipment
  • URBAN, PROFFESIONAL AND OFFICE FURNITURE: Manufacture pieces for urban furniture (streetlamps, benches, etc.) as well as for equipment for Urban Complexes (pavilions) and offices.

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