Nave fundición de piezas de aluminio TYBSA
  •  25 chill mould casting machines of different sizes, enabling us to adapt our production rate to customer demand.
  • 10 ovens with a capacity of 800 kg each to feed the chill mould casting machines.
  •  Optical spectrometer for the analysis of the castings. With the dual purpose of having good traceability of our production and to guarantee our customers that the alloy composition complies with the agreed specifications
  • Electric heat treatment furnace and hardness tester with a capacity of 1,500 kg to provide the parts with different mechanical characteristics according to the customer's needs.
  • Two-range BRINELL 3000 Kgf hardness testing machine.

Aluminum Gravity Casting


Fundición de piezas de aluminio por gravedad (Coquilla) en Barcelona
Coquilladora para fundición de aluminio por gravedad
Control de temperatura del molde de fundición de aluminio
Vista interior de la nave de fundición de piezas de aluminio de Tybsa

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